How did I miss this?? (Don’t fire me, Tanek.)

Rick Nelson had great things to say about Streetz American Grill:

“…Not a teardown, but a top-to-bottom renovation. Picture replacing a pair of ratty Zubaz with well-fitted selvage jeans, and you’ve got an idea of how Streetz has rubbed out a longstanding blight on the suburban Bloomington landscape.

Harmon, a first-time restaurateur, obviously didn’t do it alone. He tapped two Minneapolis design firms — Tanek, for architecture, and Cue on the branding front – to scrape away every last trace of that 30-year-old Denny’s template, and if there are awards for adaptive reuse done right, here’s hoping that the powers that be keep Streetz in mind.”…

Ever wonder how something is branded? (It’s mostly magic.) BUT sometimes companies like Cue step in… Have a look: