We are all hoping to finally see an economic upturn for 2010. After a deep downturn in 2009 will we actually see a more positive business climate in 2010? All indications to date are still mixed.  Our many developers and property owners are still sitting on the sidelines attempting to determine the best course of action in this extremely soft economic recovery.

Our activity to date has been extremely mixed. The trend has been activity in the smaller office remodel projects.  This is a recovery pattern that we have seen in past economic developments. The smaller business’ bring the economy back to its feet. This smaller space planning work is a great relief from the quieter days of 2009 – it does however make for kinetic days. We understand the demand that our clients have to turn around a great quality plan in hours not days. In order to remain competitive in the few deals that are available we deliver in the time frames required.

Not delivering a quality plan quickly can turn a done deal into a missed opportunity. In this market that is not an option. Deals are hard enough to find – let alone miss – because of poor timing or poor quality design. Developers and property owners should be able to rely on their designers to meet their needs, especially given the few opportunities that have presented themselves so far in 2010. We all do not want to wait until 2011 to close a deal!

Nathaniel Shea • Architect and Principal with Tanek