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Feldmann Imports | Mercedes

4901 American Blvd W  Bloomington, MN 55437

Our client made the prudent decision to partner with a killer, classic, incomparable brand: Mercedes­-Benz. And we partnered with them to evaluate their current operations and develop a strategy to streamline the functions of the building. The Mercedes-­Benz autohaus is as important as the automobiles they house. And ­after more than 120 years of constant innovation, Mercedes­-Benz knows a thing or two about style. Feldmann Imports is an icon — in its own right — serving the Twin Cities in the same location for 30 years. Less a dealership and more a conservatory of automobiles, a translucent roof allows light to pour in during the day and up­lighting has been added to enhance the new autohaus. Space was reorganized to improve functionality, the show floor has doubled — a necessity in this Minnesota climate. And we were able to create a design that suited the client (Feldmann Imports) and the brand (Mercedes­-Benz). Danke.