Value Driven Design through 3D

The recent commercial real estate markets have lacked focus and direction. Developers have limited development opportunities given the few potential tenants in the market place. Deals are hard to come by and when there are opportunities the deals are extremely thin. Bringing about a development in this market requires a team of professionals who can maximize the return on the developers behalf. Value driven design can be the difference in a real estate development moving forward or dying before it even gets started.

Value driven design utilizes the key tools available to the designer.  A tool that has been available for years but now is really reaching the mainstream is 3D design. This might seem like a common place tool in the design world but if used properly it can revolutionize the design process and pay big returns. The key for 3D design is to start the design process utilizing it. The whole design and development team will be able to analize the project from all aspects. Value decisions can be made in real time on the screen.  All stakeholders are able to provide input and infuse the project with the best decisions.  Prospective tenants can really “see” what they are getting prior to any shovel turning any dirt.

The successful designs pass the critical test even before they are built. Questions can be answered before time, money and effort are wasted building structures that don’t meet the needs of the users.  How high should a window frame be? Are signs visible from certain angles of the road?  Does more brick enhance the exterior or just add more cost? The ability to answer these questions will result in dollars saved and maximized in the final design.

The key to finding this success is finding a designer who understands the need for value in your project and has the tools to bring your projects to reality prior to being built.

Nathaniel Shea • Architect and Principal with Tanek