What if I started this blog post with dry data and statistics about the increase in Greenway traffic ? What if I went on and on about the rising percentage of recreational and commuting cyclists over the past 10 years? What if I was just hung up on the idea that 1,000,000 people use the Greenway each year? Wouldn’t that be boring?

Everyone knows that the best place to have a lemonade stand is right, smack on the edge of the sidewalk. A busy sidewalk. With thirsty people. At the end of the day the pitchers are empty and the cigar box is jammed full of money. Some would call that free enterprise, I call it Summer. I wonder if the owners of Pizza Lucé had lemonade stands when they were kids…  Lucé has been working with Tanek to open their 6th (what?!) restaurant – located right, smack on the edge of the Greenway at 210 N. Blake Road Hopkins, MN.

This new location will have a similar feel to the recently finished Downtown Lucé (redesigned, naturally, by Tanek) but with some twists, here’s one of my favorites:

Little fixit stations for your bicycle! Isn’t that cool? Now I can “accidentally” pop my tire and order a Maximus and a Surly Firkin! What will they think of next? How about a bar area with overhead garage doors that open up to a patio? Okay – they thought of that too. Tanek and Lucé are going to milk every last drop out of Summer! They plan to open in July and I plan to be there.

PS: Elisa Richardson demonstrates how to hang a sign – with style: