Besides Tanek… and Zeichen Press, OF COURSE.

Sports Ngin!
Sport Ngin develops and manages one of the world’s largest technology platforms focused on youth and amateur sports… and they need the hippest space to do that.

hillcrest bldg

That’s where Tanek comes in. I know this looks like an ordinary school… I KNOW. But Tanek has transformed it… Gone are the days of classroom shenanigans! Welcome the days of foosball tables and kegerators!

Hey, wait a minute… NEVER MIND. Sports Ngin’s new location reclaims the history of the existing building with new energy and excitement. Remember Tanek’s Able Seedhouse + Brewery project?

SAME BUILDING. Same giant windows, same exposed brick & timber, same original wood floors and high ceilings. 

hillcrest interior construction

In the (beating) heart of the organization is a tiered seating platform that will allow for individual break out meetings and large gatherings. This space, along with its unique break area island, will form the hub of Sport Ngin. Teams will be able to gather, share ideas and build better applications for their customers in this dramatic new space.

sports ngin bleacher front

Are they accepting applications??