Minneapolis loft-living is now dog-friendly : Tanek-designed, Herschel Lofts, is one of the many downtown condos that understand the puppy love.


Herschel Lofts – Minneapolis


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

More condos, apartments offer pet perks

Renters and buyers at Twin Cities condo and apartment buildings are taking them into consideration in growing numbers.


At Blue, dogs are king.

The upscale south Minneapolis apartment building allows pets in the mod copper- covered lobby, the elevators and even the Tiki bar.

But where the canines really rule is in their private outdoor dog park on the alley side of the complex. Dog owners step off an elevator and into an enclosed courtyard where their bulldogs and Great Danes can romp off-leash across the artificial green turf.

“It’s really great in the winter when it’s cold and the sidewalks are icy and you don’t want to go on a walk,” said Christina Ridolfi, owner of Rumble the rat terrier.

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